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Welcome to my site.

As you will see my work explores the diversity of the external world. Originally trained as an architect I find much inspiration in the world’s buildings, particularly those that carry the patina of age. I am also drawn to natural subjects where I find a similar process of flux –  erosion, decay and regeneration.

Depending on my mood, my paintings vary between the highly realist, where I’m content to immerse myself in the subject, and the more expressive, when often I turn to pastel seeking to evoke rather than describe. I welcome both extremes because they balance what I see with what I feel.

Works for Sale: Artworks for sale are only found on the pages Paintings, Prints and Coming events. For prices please email quoting the caption numbers, e.g. 1.01, 2.05, of paintings of interest.

The remaining pages, such as Landscapes, Vernacular or Meldings, indicate the thematic nature of my work. These paintings are no longer available.

The Exhibitions page contains a collection of earlier exhibitions, such as Building Faith, a major show in 2010-11 examining religious architecture from around the world.

Also under Exhibitions is Hector Lupp, A Son of Bathurst.  In 2006, for his 100th anniversary, this exhibition was created in memory of my late father as a celebration of his life.